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Support for Rapid School Improvement: How Federal Dollars Can Be Leveraged for Systemic Improvement

By Melissa Junge, Sheara Krvaric


The system within which a school operates — encompassing both the district and the state education system — can either bolster or stall rapid improvement.

To support systemic thinking about school improvement, the Center on School Turnaround at WestEd developed a framework entitled Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement. The framework is designed to assist states, districts, and schools in leading and managing rapid school improvement efforts. As states and local education agencies begin to develop and implement a theory of action that is guided by such a framework, it is important that they also align their spending to support implementation of their improvement efforts.

This guide delves into often-overlooked federal funding sources that can be used to support local efforts to pursue rapid turnaround, and:

  • Highlights three ways ESSA facilitates spending on school improvement initiatives
  • Provides an overview of spending rules that apply to all federal grants, and summarizes the Title I Part A, Title II Part A, and IDEA Part B programs
  • Gives examples of how districts and schools can use Title I Part A, Title II Part A, and IDEA Part B funds to support the four domains for rapid school improvement

Although focused on spending at the district and school levels, the guide is appropriate for those involved in school improvement at the state, district, or school level because policies and procedures at all those levels impact how funds are spent at the local level.

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