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Comprehensive Review of Special Education Programs and Services: Providing Findings and Recommendations

Are your services and programs for students receiving special education designed to improve positive outcomes? Our comprehensive review will provide findings and recommendations for student success and suggestions for implementation in your state, region, district, or school.

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What You Will Learn

State education agencies, county/regional offices of education, districts, and schools will learn:

  • How their special education services and programs compare to state averages and similar education agencies
  • How academic achievement for their students with disabilities compares to state averages and similar education agencies
  • How their risk for compliance and/or litigation compare to state averages and similar education agencies
  • How their personnel and budget allocations compare to state averages and similar education agencies
  • Evidence-based recommendations specifically designed to address their program’s identified needs for improvements to their programs and services
  • How to create and implement action plans for improving their services and supporting better outcomes for students with disabilities

Who Will Benefit

Education service agencies desiring a comprehensive review of data along with recommendations for improvement of the services and programs offered to students receiving special education, including:

  • State Education Agencies
  • County/Regional Offices of Education
  • Districts and Schools

Service Details

WestEd’s Center for Prevention & Early Intervention staff will conduct a comprehensive data collection process in which we will review all aspects of special education services data and across selected comparison states, districts, or schools.

Specifically, we will conduct:

  • On-site data collection that includes classroom observations, interviews, focus groups, and a review of Individualized Education Programs
  • Off-site data collection and analysis that includes online surveys and comparative data on student achievement, risk for compliance and/or litigation, and personnel and budget allocations

You will receive a detailed report with findings and recommendations for improvement.

A formal presentation of the findings and recommendations will be offered to the governing board if desired.

Timeline and costs will depend on the specific requirements identified by the client.

What Makes This Service Unique

WestEd’s Center for Prevention & Early Intervention’s review process is conducted by experienced general and special administrators and educators with a deep expertise in the:

  • Practical workings of state departments, regional/county offices of education, districts, and schools
  • Laws and requirements for serving students with disabilities
  • Research- and evidenced-based practices for improving results for students with disabilities and other learning challenges

Our customized reviews include a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that funds are effectively and efficiently used to benefit students, and recommendations are designed to align with overall national and state goals and initiatives.


Cost varies based on the specific program and the scope of the evaluation to be carried out. For information on pricing, please contact Dona Meinders at or 916.492.4013.

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To learn more, contact Dona Meinders at or 916.492.4013.

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