Join us at the California Mathematics Council-South (CMC-S) Conference November 6-7, 2015, in Palm Springs, CA, where we’ll be presenting three very relevant sessions. “Orchestrating the Common Core Classroom” is this year’s theme.

WestEd’s Cathy Carroll, Mardi Gale, and Nanette Seago will present. Attend our sessions and visit our table in the exhibition hall to learn more about WestEd’s math-related services, research, and resources.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Session: Learning from Research: Using Worked Examples in Math Class
WestEd Presenter: Cathy Carroll
Time & Location: 1:30pm (Pacific Time), Cactus Room, Renaissance Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

Carroll will address how to integrate the research-based cognitive design principle of “using worked examples” to enhance math instructional materials. Research, according to Carroll, suggests that engaging students in explaining solved problems (“worked examples”) is more effective than having them complete traditional problem sets.

Carroll’s session draws on the National Center for Cognition and Mathematics Instruction’s research & development work to redesign middle school mathematics curricula, focusing on design principles shown to improve student outcomes — principles such as worked examples, visual mapping, formative assessment, and spacing learning.

“Based on our work with teachers and research partners in the Institute of Education Sciences-funded study, we will engage attendees in experiences that provide implementation strategies for using ‘worked examples’ while engaging students with the Standards for Mathematical Practice,” says Carroll, whose session takes place at 1:30 Friday in the Cactus Room, Renaissance Hotel.

Session: Algebra Intervention, Rigor, Problem Solving, and the Common Core State Standards
WestEd Presenter:
Mardi Gale
Time & Location:
10:30am (Pacific Time), Palladium South, Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

Gale will examine essential elements for conceptually based algebra intervention that support the Common Core standards and embed Standards for Mathematical Practice, emphasizing discourse, problem solving, and writing.

Participants attending Gale’s presentation will receive materials that model the Common Core assessments. Both Gale’s presentation and materials can be applied to English learners. Presentation and material content also can be useful for conversations in professional learning communities.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Session: Do You Know It When You See It? CCSS-M Implementation K-8
WestEd Presenter: Nanette Seago
Time & Location: 3:15pm – 4:45pm, Renaissance-Cactus

All districts are helping their teachers understand the shifts in CCSS-M. However, how can we gauge the degree to which teachers are shifting their practice?

With the support of Tim Kanold, mathematics educator and author of numerous mathematics textbooks, 10 California districts are collaborating to answer this question.

Visit the CMC-S Conference page for registration information and updates on presentations dates, times, and locations.