For more than a decade, Carnegie Math Pathways has been guided by a mission to improve outcomes and close equity gaps in gateway college mathematics. Now, Carnegie Math Pathways at WestEd has taken its commitment to equity a step further by releasing its Quantway and Statway materials as Open Educational Resources (OER). With this transition, Carnegie Math Pathways is making its trusted and effective curricular solutions freely and publicly available, increasing affordability and accessibility for students while also granting instructors flexibility to reuse, modify, and build upon the materials to support students’ needs.

Quantway and Statway are intentionally designed to support students who have struggled with math to deeply understand and even grow to love the subject. As ready-made course solutions, these open access materials remove the pressure to build a course from scratch, giving instructors the time and flexibility to focus on instruction and engagement with their students. To further help instructors make the most of Statway and Quantway OER, Carnegie Math Pathways will offer print materials and use of its adaptive learning platform at low costs to educators and students and provide meaningful professional support to educators.

“Equity gaps can’t be addressed as long as high-quality education resources are accessible only to those that can afford them,” said Ann Edwards, Director of Carnegie Math Pathways at WestEd. “For us, a more equitable system of math education would be one that ensures that all students have access to a high-quality mathematics curriculum and supports and empowers faculty to make curricular and instructional decisions that best meet their students’ needs. Licensing Statway and Quantway as OER is a step towards realizing that vision.”

To date, Quantway and Statway have served more than 100,000 students and 140 institutions with remarkable impact. Students in these courses have consistently succeeded at 3 to 4 times the rate of their peers in traditional developmental math sequences and in half the time or less. By releasing these course solutions as OER, Carnegie Math Pathways is boosting equitable access to high-quality math learning by reducing students’ costs while making the curricula easily downloadable and within reach for even more students and educators.

“Making the high-quality Statway math curriculum openly available increases access to this proven pathway and removes financial anxiety for students enrolled in this course,” said a math faculty member at LaGuardia Community College, where Statway pass rates consistently average 70 percent compared to traditional courses in which fewer than half of students pass. “And the downstream benefits are immense—higher graduation rates lead to higher incomes, better health, and generational uplift.”

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