WestEd’s Edys Quellmalz wrote seven articles on technology and assessment published in the Encyclopedia of Science Education, the first ever comprehensive work in science education.

The Encyclopedia is described by its publisher, Springer Netherlands, as providing “a comprehensive international reference work covering the range of methodologies, perspectives, foci, and cultures of Science Education of inquiry, and to do so via contributions from leading researchers from around the globe.”

Quellmalz wrote the following Encyclopedia articles:

  • “Assessment of Knowing Engineering and Technology and Doing Engineering and Technology: Overview”
  • “Computer-Based Assessment”
  • “Engineering and Technology, Assessing Understanding of Similarities and Differences Between Them”
  • “Engineering Design, Assessing Practices of”
  • “Engineering, Assessing Understanding of”
  • “Science, Technology, and Engineering Interrelationships, Assessment of the Understanding of”
  • “Technology, Assessing Understanding of”

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