Read our latest WestEd E-Bulletin, Building Fair and Sustainable Funding Systems.

The resources we highlight this month offer chief financial officers and other education leaders guidance on creating and managing funding systems that promote equitable outcomes for students.

With new federal relief on the way, we hope this collection proves helpful in decision-making around the safe continuation of schooling and plans for accelerated learning.

Strategic Resource Management in Response to COVID-19 Webinar Series

View this webinar series, recorded last year, to learn about promising practices for making the best use of resources during the pandemic.

Prioritizing Spending to Increase Student Achievement

District leaders are finding new ways of “creating the type of education system that all children deserve.”

Learn about the resource management strategies they are using to increase cost-effectiveness and improve student outcomes in this R&D Alert article.

Start Planning Now, and Other Principles for Resource Management

Our recent brief offers practical guidance to help school district and charter school leaders manage and strategically allocate resources amid school site closures and education funding adjustments.

The four principles discussed provide anchor points for leaders to consider when making decisions. Learn more.

Meeting Student Needs & Building Stronger Education Systems: How WestEd Can Help

WestEd’s Strategic Resource Management & Implementation team works with state, regional, and school district leaders to uncover opportunities for improving education performance and equity.

We bring our skills and a holistic approach to help leaders enact sustainable change within education systems. Learn more about this service.

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