Learning recovery and acceleration are a top priority for education communities that continue to face significant challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Students—especially underserved students and those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic—need greater access to academic resources such as evidence-based high-impact tutoring and summer enrichment programs, which can be effective in helping students remain focused and on track to succeed.

However, before focusing on recovery and acceleration, educators will need to prioritize their own well-being and ensure safe and supportive learning environments for students.

This month, we highlight a collection of webinars to support student and educator wellness and accelerated learning recovery. Watch these individually or with colleagues.

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Supporting Self-Care for Educators During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Recorded in 2020, this archived webinar offers practical information and guidance backed by research to help school staff cope with the stresses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

SEL Strategies to Support Students Impacted by COVID-19 and Racial Injustice

In this webinar, panelists share evidence-based information about social and emotional competencies that educators can use to rebuild conditions of success for students. Through a trauma-informed lens, this webinar addresses:

  • Creating safe and supportive school environments
  • Promoting family and community communication and collaboration
  • Fostering collective care

High-Quality Tutoring Programs 

In a series of webinars, REL West explored three different aspects of delivering quality tutoring:

  • Evidence base and best practices
  • Improving or implementing tutoring programs
  • Addressing reading and math learning

View the first two webinars in the series below. The third webinar in the series will be released soon.

Webinar #1: This webinar explores the research base for systematic, high-quality tutoring and presents a case study of how one nonprofit high school math tutoring program implements evidence-based practices.

Webinar #2: In the second webinar in the series, presenters shared evidence-based tools developed by Brown University’s National Student Support Accelerator to facilitate district planning, launch, and continuous improvement of effective tutoring programs.

Summer Learning and Enrichment Programs

Summer learning and enrichment programs can be beneficial in meeting the social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs of students. This archived webinar:

  • Highlights evidence-based components of high-quality summer learning and enrichment programs
  • Describes how American Rescue Plan funds can support program design and implementation
  • Illustrates how these opportunities can be available this summer and beyond by building district capacity, which includes philanthropy and community-based partnerships

WestEd Services to Support Accelerated Learning Recovery

WestEd supports educators in using funds effectively, ensuring safe and healthy learning conditions, maximizing opportunities for students most affected by the pandemic, and building sustainable capacity to combat inequity.

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