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NGSS Instruction: A Powerful Lever for Equitable Learning, Language Development, and Learning in Other Subjects

By Burr Tyler, Ted Britton


From 2014 to 2020, the California NGSS K–8 Early Implementation Initiative supported several K–8 school districts in implementing the Next Generation Science Standards.

This brief describes key results and takeaways from WestEd’s evaluation of the initiative, which found that NGSS teaching:

  • Fosters strong student engagement and deep learning for K–8 students, particularly for students who have often been inadequately reached through traditional science instruction.
  • Has natural synergy with the core subjects of English language arts (ELA) and math and supports language development.

The brief also discusses how the NGSS engage students more deeply and integrate effectively with other subjects — and why it is critical to ensure that all students have access to effective NGSS instruction, even during COVID-triggered distance learning.

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