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Community-Care Strategies for Schools During the Coronavirus Crisis

By Jenny Betz


During the coronavirus pandemic, schools must find remote ways to continue providing learning and enrichment opportunities for students while also remaining committed to the social and emotional needs of entire school communities.

As community members focus on sheltering in place and social distancing, they lose in-person connections and take on added stresses. These changes can greatly increase the need for community care (also known as collective care). Schools are uniquely positioned to help members of their communities, particularly those who may need additional support, to maintain a sense of connectedness and well-being.

In this context, this brief, produced by WestEd as part of a collection of Crisis Response Resources, offers practical guidance for educators and school leaders to help them care for their school communities and maintain a sense of connectedness and well-being while coping with the stresses of social isolation, school closures, and changes to how services are provided.

The brief includes sections on maintaining community and connectedness for staff, students, and families, and on identifying those most in need of extra support. It also provides some brief “tech tips” for online community building.

For more information and guidance, visit our COVID-19 Resources page.

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