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The Future of California Science: A Story of Leadership, Collaboration, and Legacy

By Ted Britton, Kathy DiRanna, Burr Tyler


“This is the first time in California where I have seen consistent messaging from every major professional development player in the science education world. Having all these folks from different organizations coming together about NGSS with one singular vision, voice, and message has been an incredible change. It’s really shaping what science education is looking like now.” — Anthony Quan, STEM Coordinator at the Los Angeles County Office of Education

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) emphasize big shifts that empower all students to learn science. These standards embed what science education experts have long sought: having kids and their teachers learn in the same ways that scientists work.

This report tells the story of how science education leaders set aside conventional parochial agendas in favor of united action. These leaders forged new organizational structures for them to carry out implementation at scale. They created innovative statewide professional learning opportunities and implementation resources for both teachers and administrators. They also delivered trainings in an uncommonly rigorous process for selecting instructional materials.

The scale and strategies of this implementation are unprecedented and suggest lessons for adoptions in other school subjects.

Watch the companion video, The Future of California Science, and learn more.

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