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Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research

Edited by Leila Christenbury, Randy Bomer, Peter Smagorinsky


The first comprehensive research handbook of its kind, this volume showcases innovative approaches to understanding adolescent literacy learning in a variety of settings.

The book emphasizes social and cultural factors in adolescents’ approach to communication and response to instruction, and sections address literacy both in and out of schools, including literacy expectations in the contemporary workplace. Detailed attention is given to issues of diversity and individual differences among learners.

Distinguished contributors examine how well adolescents are served by current instructional practices and highlight ways to translate research findings more effectively into sound teaching and policymaking. WestEd’s Ruth Schoenbach and Cynthia Greenleaf wrote a key chapter, “Fostering Adolescents’ Engaged Academic Literacy.”

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-1-60623-993-3
Copyright: 2010
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 452
Publisher: Guilford Press

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Praise for this Resource

  • “Literacy Studies has been in need of a handbook on current topics in the field, and this one rewards with a thoughtful and troubling survey of pertinent issues.”

    Teachers College Record