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Hero Elementary Playlist RCT Study in Formal School and Distance Learning Contexts

By Linlin Li, Kim Luttgen, Kevin (Chun-Wei) Huang, Gary Weiser, Olivia Cornfield, Hopeton Hess, Eunice Chow, Megan Schneider


The Ready to Learn Hero Elementary program is designed to provide opportunities for early science engagement and learning across diverse student populations, including English learners, students with disabilities, and students from high–poverty districts. It embeds K-2nd-grade Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into a series of transmedia playlists to connect to diverse students’ lived experiences and deepen active science learning.

To understand the effects of implementing the playlists in formal science learning environments, WestEd conducted a randomized controlled study using four Next Generation Science Standards-aligned transmedia playlists to investigate how the playlist activities support student engagement and learning.

In order to provide effective distance learning and draw upon best practices to ensure students’ science engagement and quality education during this study, the teachers, researchers, and program developers worked together to address students’ needs based on the schools’ infrastructure, preparations, and resource availability.


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