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Leading Every Day: Actions for Effective Leadership, Third Edition

By Susan Mundry, Katherine Stiles, Susan Loucks-Horsley, Joyce Kaser

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Effective leadership exists in everyone. Written by WestEd’s Joyce Kaser, Susan MundryKathy Stiles, and Susan Loucks-Horsley, this third edition of the best-selling Learning Forward Book of the Year describes how readers can tap their greatest leadership potential to meet today’s complicated challenges. Revised and updated stories, references, and quotes complement a completely new section focused on achieving result. Featuring short, inspiration-infused nuggets of actionable advice, the book includes:

  • A new section on creating solid data systems
  • Over 150 convenient, closely integrated daily contemplations
  • Succinct, first-hand insights into proven best practices in leadership
  • Up-to-date research on creative solutions to leadership challenges, change, and professional development

This classic leadership resource provides the information needed to build trust, spark innovation, and learn what it really takes to support a community of learners and leaders.

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-1-4522-6093-8
Copyright: WestEd
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 288
Publisher: Corwin

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Praise for this Resource

  • “This book continues to resonate, encourage, and motivate action. It’s a powerful combination of inspirational, critical, and practical guidance delivered in daily doses.”

    —Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director, Learning Forward
  • “Skillful leadership requires pattern recognition and answering the question: Is this pattern productive for our group, organization or project? If not, how do I most effectively break that pattern and help those involved develop new and more productive ways of interacting? This practical and engaging book offers practical tools for leaders who want to be better creators of patterns that take hold and become the new habits in powerful groups.”

    Bruce Wellman, MiraVia, LLC
  • “Leading schools and districts today has never been more challenging. The courageous people who choose this work need thoughtful, practical strategies that are easily accessible to reflect upon and refer to throughout the year. Leading Every Day: Actions for Effective Leadership, Third Edition delivers this resource. The new addition to the book on Leadership for Results is timely and addresses an actual leadership need apparent across the country. This book is a must-have for all education leaders, both new and experienced.”

    Linda M. Paul, Ed.D., New Mexico School Leadership Institute