Math Course Pathways: Companion Sheet for Teachers and School Counselors

Produced by REL West


Research shows students who take four years of high school math are better prepared for college coursework. Therefore, it is important that teachers and school counselors work closely with students and their parents to map out a course-taking plan that will best support academic success in postsecondary school.

This brief, developed by REL West, is designed to help teachers and school counselors prepare for math course planning discussions with students and parents using the Math Course Pathway Parent Guide: Four Years of Math, Nothing Less Will Do. [PDF]

The brief provides:

  • Tips on how teachers and counselors can be the most helpful to students and parents, including different contexts in which the parent guide can be introduced
  • Information about the research underlying the “What the Experts Say” section of the parent guide

Download the brief for teachers and counselors and click the links below to view and download the planning guides for parents and students based on language preference; specific math pathway; and a math sample sequence of math courses: Math Analysis, Precalculus, or Statistics.

Integrated Math Pathways

Traditional Math Pathways

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