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Math in Common #13: Improving the Dynamics of Classroom Instruction in Response to the Common Core

By Frances Reade, Rebecca Perry, Alberto Heredia


Math in Common (MiC) is a five-year initiative that supports a network of 10 California school districts as they implement Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M) across grades K–8.

In the results from a 2018 survey of MiC teachers and principals, the MiC team examined teachers’ changing beliefs about the standards and their sense of readiness to implement them. Research indicates that beliefs can serve as indicators for teachers’ instructional choices in the classroom.

MiC researchers looked closely at teachers’ beliefs about the following:

  • CCSS-M–aligned instruction
  • Administrators’ capacity to lead their sites in implementation
  • Several professional development structures that aim to support changes to the dynamics of classroom instruction

Researchers also examined administrators’ feelings about their own preparation to lead CCSS-M implementation at their sites.

Key Takeaways

  • Districts have moved toward professional learning supports for teachers and principals that are tied closely to shifts in classroom instruction and teachers’ everyday practices. Often these models are based in classrooms and school sites, instead of offered at the central office. Positive responses from teachers and administrators about their professional learning supports show that this is likely the right professional learning approach to continue.
  • Teachers and principals are feeling comfortable and confident with what they’ve learned so far. This is a great indication that they are ready to go deeper and take on new challenges around CCSS-M instruction.

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