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Request an Evaluation or Desk Copy

If you are a professor or college instructor interested in using a WestEd publication as course material, you may request a complimentary evaluation copy for consideration.

Professors or college instructors already using a WestEd publication as course material may request a single complimentary desk copy.

To receive an evaluation or desk copy please, email, mail, or fax your request on departmental letterhead to:

Publications Center
730 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-1242
Fax: 415.512.2024

Please include the following information for each title:

  • Book title and ISBN
  • Course name and number
  • Course description
  • Term in which the course will be taught
  • Name and email address of the professor(s) teaching the course
  • Indicate whether the title will be a required or optional text
  • Name of the college bookstore/purchasing office that has placed, or will place, the order for the title you selected (desk copy requests only)
  • Date of the bookstore or purchasing office order (if available)

For additional information, please contact the WestEd Publications Center by phone at 888.293.7833 or by email at