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Professional Development

Assessment-Centered Teaching: A Reflective Practice for Science Formative Assessment

Learn and implement science formative assessment practices to find out what your students, K-12, really know. Engage in custom-designed Assessment-Centered Teaching professional development and enhance teacher quality and ultimately student academic success.

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What You Will Learn

  • Learn about assessments for Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards—English Language Arts, Science and Technical Subjects
  • Design an assessment system for units of instruction
  • Learn how to modify assessment and instruction based on student work
  • Experience tools and processes that support best practices and professional development communities
  • Become a knowledgeable consumer of assessment programs

Who Will Benefit

  • Teacher Leaders, K-12
  • Principals
  • School District Administrators
  • Science Specialists

Service Details

Assessment Centered Teaching is custom-designed to meet your needs* and can include the following:

  • Institutes
  • Lesson studies
  • Grade-level meetings
  • Professional learning communities
  • Extended services with repeated follow-up and reflection

Note: There is a minimum three-day program requirement. Professional development takes place at a location specified by the school district.

What Makes This Service Unique

The Assessment-Centered Teaching portfolio forms a basis for collaborative work (DuFour, 2004) that leads to student learning and provides for transformative professional development (Ruiz-Primo & Furtak, 2007), resulting in changed teacher practice.

Using the Assessment-Centered Teaching tools and processes to identify assessment and analyze student work enables teachers to become reflective practitioners (DiRanna et al., 2008).

Senior staff, with more than 25 years of experience in science instruction and assessment, will facilitate your learning. Their expertise includes:

  • Working on state science assessments
  • Providing technical assistance through the Using Data Project, which uses tools and processes designed to use data from quality assessments to inform instructional programs
  • Working with school districts to design benchmark assessments
  • Conducting the professional development for the Center for the Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning (CAESL), resulting in the Assessment Centered Teaching Portfolio


Assessment-Centered Teaching: A Reflective Practice for Formative Assessment professional development sessions are approximately $3,000 per day for up to 25 participants. The fees include materials and light breakfast. Travel costs are not included.

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