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Leading with Learning

Register for Building Equity for English Learners in the Content Areas, June 17-20, St. Helena, California

In this three-day intensive institute, teachers and leaders learn how to implement integrated science, literacy, and English language development.

English Learners with Disabilities Summer Institute: Challenges, Strategies, and Tools for Inclusive Schools

This two-day institute will provide the opportunity to learn about the needs of English learners, students with disabilities, and dual-identified students.

Caretaker and Toddler

Register for the Program for Infant/Toddler Care Trainer Institute, June 23-29, in Berkeley, California

PITC Trainer Institutes are designed to help early childhood professionals improve the quality of infant/toddler care in their programs, community, and state, as well as build adult learning and teaching techniques.

Reading Apprenticeship

Register for Reading Apprenticeship Introduction Live (Middle School and High School), June 24–26, in San Francisco, California

Come to San Francisco with a team from your school or district and experience the Reading Apprenticeship framework.