Beginning Together

Beginning Together ensures that the certified trainers in WestEd's Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC) promote information about children with special needs and quality inclusive practices.

California Department of Education/Early Childhood Education Faculty Initiative Project

This project offers opportunities for college faculty to examine California Department of Education initiatives and publications as they relate to college coursework.

California Preschool Instructional Network Project

This project provides professional development and technical assistance to preschool teachers and administrators to ensure preschool children are ready for school.

Center for Child & Family Studies (CCFS) Evaluation Program

Learn about a wide range of research and evaluation topics related to early childhood.

Desired Results Training and Technical Assistance Project

This training is designed to facilitate implementation of the Desired Results system in programs at the local level and to build program capacity to train staff who work directly with children.

E3 Institute Advancing Excellence in Early Education

The E3 Institute Advancing Excellence in Early Education supports and strengthens early childhood professional development through education, recruitment, and financial incentives.

Map to Inclusive Child Care Project

The Map to Inclusive Child Care (MAP) Project is committed to improving access to quality child care for children with disabilities or other special needs and their families.

Parent Involvement Project

Learn about the Parent Involvement Project, providing quality early learning activities for families.

PITC Partners for Quality

Partners for Quality, in collaboration with the California Department of Education, is designed to increase the supply and quality of infant/toddler child care and development services in California.

Program for Infant/Toddler Care

The Program for Infant/Toddler Care is a comprehensive training system that promotes responsive, caring relationships for infants and toddlers.