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WestEd strengthens knowledge and policies to help teachers and administrators meet the rigorous demands of their work. By developing the effectiveness of our nation’s education leaders through research and carefully tailored programs, we ultimately contribute to improving student learning outcomes.

This work entails developing high-quality practices and programs for comprehensive teacher learning, from preservice through teacher leadership, and conducting research to build visibility and understanding of how the nation’s teachers and education leaders impact student learning.

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  • Robert Sheffield

    Robert Sheffield


    Robert Sheffield guides the development and expansion of projects that are seeking to align systems of curriculum, assessment, and instructional practice across the Region 15 states and beyond. He serves as a consultant and thought partner to emergent professional learning organizations seeking to scale work within school districts.

    Prior to joining WestEd, Sheffield led the District Coaching and Implementation Services for the College Board’s SpringBoard program and was part of the leadership team that added 1.1 million students to the program within four years. Sheffield’s responsibilities included administrator professional learning and coaching product development, sales team product training, and overall go-to-market strategy development for the program.

    Sheffield began his career as a high school history teacher and also served as a district curriculum specialist. In addition to his K–12 teaching experience, he teaches and supervises pre-service History/Social Science teachers at California State University, Long Beach.

  • personnel photo of Kevin Perks

    Kevin Perks

    Director, School and District Services, Learning Innovations

    Kevin Perks works closely with schools, districts, and state agencies nationwide to support motivation, engagement, and achievement in such areas as standards-based education, literacy, and educational reform. Perks and fellow school transformation experts recently helped improve several struggling schools in Buffalo, NY.

    With his deep understanding in school improvement, Perks spear-headed the development of and facilitates VITAL Collaboration, research-based professional learning designed to improve teaching practices and enhance student learning.