Teachers & Leaders

As early care, education, and social institutions take on increasingly complex work, and as today’s rigorous standards make new demands, teachers and administrators are being stretched in more areas than ever before.

As such, WestEd develops high-quality practices, policies, and programs for comprehensive teacher learning, from preservice through teacher leadership.

We support school and district administrators, teacher leaders, and leaders of community organizations on complex issues such as educator effectiveness.

The type of support we offer is varied—from providing technical assistance to facilitating ongoing professional learning—and can be customized to meet school, district, and community agency needs.

WestEd develops and provides guidance on mentoring and coaching programs, and helps create supportive environments that foster high-quality teaching and learning.

In addition, we help strengthen policies related to teachers and administrators, and conduct research to build visibility and understanding of the nation’s teachers and education leaders and their impact on student learning.