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K-12 Alliance

The K-12 Alliance unites the professional development programs of CSIN, SPAN, and SS&C to promote change and foster excellence in science and math education.

The alliance offers three types of professional development services, described below.

The Long-Term Program

This program focuses on the school or department as the unit of change, providing an in-depth professional development experience for designing and implementing standards-based, articulated science and mathematics programs for all students.

The Associate Program

This program meets the needs of individual teachers or school/district teams by providing a content-rich, standards-based program to enhance teaching and learning.

The Hub Program

This program is offered statewide through a system of local services based in the Superintendents’ regions. The Hubs bring together educators (K-university) and the public to provide a forum for networking and learning. This program complements and extends the opportunities for systemic reform.

Our Goals and How We Achieve Them

K-12 Alliance professional development centers around enhancing teacher content knowledge, addressing teacher practices and beliefs, facilitating pedagogical techniques that are effective for all students, analyzing student work for conceptual understanding and student growth, engaging administrators and the community in reform efforts, and developing teacher leaders.

For our long-term programs, an implementation team of lead teachers, an administrator, and parents represents each school. The team receives intensive professional development and support, and creates and maintains schoolwide change for science education.

Success Stories

Hear the voices of champions who are bringing Next Generation Science Standards to life for students throughout California.

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