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Elsa Billings

Elsa Billings is a Senior Program Associate in WestEd’s Teacher Professional Development Program.

Billings works on the Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) initiative where she provides professional development to teachers seeking to improve their instructional practices and increase education access and success for English language learners (ELLs). She designs and conducts professional development for teachers, instructional leaders, and site administrators on the implementation of quality learning opportunities for ELLs, with an emphasis on the elementary grade levels.

Billings brings extensive experience and expertise in the area of educating ELLs. Prior to joining WestEd in 2016, Billings served as the ELL Co-Advisor for the Council of Chief State School Officers; as a professor in the College of Education at San Diego State University; and, as a consultant for Stanford University’s Understanding Language Initiative.

She has published numerous book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals. Topics include investigations of the pedagogical practices in serving ELLs in the classroom, and the ways that technological innovations can support teaching and learning of ELLs.

Billings also provides leadership in educating ELLs through service at the state and national levels. She served as Elementary Chair for the California Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, as Chair of the Hispanic Research Issues Special Interest Group within the American Educational Research Association, and as a participant leader with the Latino Legacy Weekend.

Billings received an MA in language, literacy, and culture, and an MA in policy analysis and program evaluation with a minor in organizational behavior, both from Stanford University; and a PhD in language, learning, and policy from Stanford University.