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Archived Webinar

Building Support for Technology Integration

Recorded on April 08, 2014

Successfully scaling and sustaining a technology initiative requires a shared stakeholder vision and commitment.

In this archived webinar, administrators start with the end in mind, examining activities to help staff envision the components of successful integration and identify their collective desired outcomes.

Participants also examine the importance of understanding stakeholders’ perspectives to provide insight into how they can be supportive or supported.

Donna Teuber, Team Leader for Technology Integration, Richland School District Two Columbia, South Carolina, discusses:

  • Identifying your stakeholders. Is there a common understanding and vision for your technology initiative?
  • Building your culture and capacity. How can you involve teachers and administrators so they can feel ownership and commitment for the initiative?
  • Dealing with resistance. How can you bring different groups of resistors on board and ultimately gain their support?
  • Communicating a shared vision. How can you keep everyone involved and aware of your technology efforts?

This archived webinar is hosted by Grace Calisi and Meg Livingston Asensio from the Regional Educational Laboratory West at WestEd.

Webinar Presenter(s):

Donna Teuber