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Archived Webinars

Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 through Summer Learning and Enrichment

Webinar Presenters: Jessica Cardichon, Kristal Moore Clemons, Jodi Grant, Carol Hill, James F. Lane, Christina Pate

Stakeholder Voice, Agency, and Co-Creation for Equity in Education

Webinar Presenters: Zoë Jenkins, Zachary Patterson

Toward NGSS Design: EQuIP Detailed Guidance (Archived Webinar)

Webinar Presenters: Jennifer Self, Steve Alexander, Alvin Lin, Emily Mathews, Joseph Sunshine

Formative Assessment Practices for English Learners in Distance Learning Environments

Webinar Presenters: Annette Gregg, Jessica Shay, Mayra Valtierrez

Integrating ELD into Secondary Science

Webinar Presenters: Haiwen Chu, Erika Guaba-Roldan, Mayra Valtierrez

Integrating ELD into Secondary Mathematics

Webinar Presenters: Haiwen Chu, Nicole Erdelyi, Mayra Valtierrez

Integrating ELD into Elementary Math Settings

Webinar Presenters: Melanie Packham, Karen Delay, Mayra Valtierrez

Can Racial and Ethnic Disparities Be Mitigated Through Police Training?

Webinar Presenters: Tracey L. Meares, Tarrick McGuire, Robin S. Engel, Lorie Fridell, Cynthia Lum, Anthony Petrosino

Joyful Reading at School and at Home: A Storybook Reading Routine

Webinar Presenters: Thea Fabian, Danielle Garegnani, Pamela Spycher

Helping Young English Learners at Home: Simple and Fun Activities to Strengthen Language Development

Webinar Presenters: Johnpaul Lapid, Heidi Larson, Karen Pérez, Kelli Scardina, Lori Van Houten

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