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Archived Webinars

Effective Questioning in Grades K-2: The Development of Oral Language in a Distance Learning Environment

Webinar Presenters: Johnpaul Lapid, Melanie Packham, Veronica Aguila, Norma Sanchez

Engaging Parents and Students from Diverse Populations in the Context of Distance Learning

Webinar Presenters: Margit Birge, Barbara Jones, D’Lisa Crain, Sara Stone, Claudia Medina

Communicating with Families of Newcomer English Learners During Distance Learning

Webinar Presenters: Elsa Billings, Martha Palacios, Veronica Aguila

Lesson Planning for English Learners in Distance Learning Environments: Elementary Educators

Webinar Presenters: Johnpaul Lapid, Ruth Sebastian, Norma Sanchez, Veronica Aguila

Lesson Planning for English Learners in Distance Learning Environments: Secondary Educators

Webinar Presenters: Nicholas Catechis, Martha Palacios, Veronica Aguila, Norma Sanchez, Ulises Tellechea

How to Support Young English Learners at Home with Language and Literacy Development

Webinar Presenters: Johnpaul Lapid, Norma Sanchez, Melanie Packham, Veronica Aguila

Blending and Braiding Funds to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 on the Most Vulnerable Students

Webinar Presenters: Sara Doutre, Tia Taylor, Jason Willis

View: Four Pillars for Sustaining Rural Cross-Sector Data-Driven Decisionmaking

Webinar Presenters: Mary Rauner

How Schools Ensure Social Connections During Physical Isolation

Webinar Presenters: Gene Pinkard, Natalie Walrond, David Adams, Amanda Rodriguez, Patti Salzmann

Strategies for Districts to Support Self-Care for Educators During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Webinar Presenters: Kaylene Case, Christina Pate

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