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Archived Webinar

Creating a College-Going Culture in the Latino Community

Recorded on April 29, 2013

How can the Latino community foster and embrace a college-going culture? Join education leaders as they discuss ways to overcome the barriers that deter many Latinos from earning a college degree.

Latino students account for over 20% of the U.S. K-12 public school population. But less than 20% of the Latino community (as compared to 40% of the overall U.S. population) holds either a 2-year or 4-year college degree.

A key element to changing this disparity, as identified by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), is a drive to engage families by highlighting the importance of parental support and involvement throughout the entire college preparation process.

Why is focusing on families important? One reason: over 65% of Latino parents do not have the knowledge or experience to help their children with the college application process.

This webinar addresses the following:

  • Introduction to HSF Programs
  • Working with Latino Families
  • Suggestions for Engaging Parents
  • Planning your Engagement Strategy
  • Useful resources

College and career readiness—a key area of work in WestEd’s Region IX Equity Assistance Center—is also highlighted in this webinar.

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