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Greatness By Design: Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden State (Summary)


All schools deserve great teachers and principals. Recently, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, in conjunction with Mary Sandy, Executive Director of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, convened the Educator Excellence Task Force (EETF) to draft recommended actions that could be woven together into a coherent system that would produce exceptional teachers and principals. The task force produced a report of its recommendations, Greatness by Design: Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden State.

In the report, EETF identified the following critical priorities as the basis for implementing these reforms:

  • Creating a coherent continuum of learning expectations and opportunities for educators across their entire careers
  • Developing a learning system that supports collaborative learning about effective practices, among educators, across schools and districts, between and among school boards and unions, and within state agencies
  • Developing a consistent revenue base for high-quality professional learning by creating a category of flexible funding to support it

This summary report is designed to provide policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders with a succinct overview of EETF recommendations and, for more detail, includes references to related pages and item numbers in the full report.

Download the full report.

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