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Archived Webinar

How Online Professional Development Can Support the Common Core Standards Roll-Out—Arizona's Vision

Arizona Department of Education staff showcase the process they are using to implement the eFE model in their state to support training around the Common Core State Standards.

In this webinar, they also discuss the work of the e-Learning for Educators Consortium in continuing the work established in the eFE project.

Topic Sections:

  • Addressing the challenge
  • Arizona’s experience —background
  • Arizona’s response— retooling the system
  • A 3-phase approach to professional development
  • E-learning for educators to support the Common Core roll-out

Webinar Presenter(s):

Lynne Meeks Lynne Meeks
Kathy Hrabluk Kathryn Hrabluk
Sarah Galetti Sarah Galetti
Cathy Poplin Cathy Poplin

Materials from the Webinar