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Archived Webinar

Joyful Reading at School and at Home: A Storybook Reading Routine

Recorded on January 28, 2021

Joyful Reading at School and at Home is a four-part webinar series designed to help PreK–1st grade educators learn a routine for storybook reading, explore ideas for creating school-to-home connections, and extend storybook reading to creative expression activities.

Hosted by REL West, this first archived webinar offers research-based guidance to help PreK–1st grade educators learn a routine for storybook reading, consider the culturally affirming aspects of stories, and hear ideas from elementary principals for creating school-to-home connections.

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  • Thea Fabian is a Principal at Wawona K-8 School in the Fresno Unified School District. She works with colleagues to improve the success of English learner/emergent bilingual students and expand access to biliteracy, including native language literacy, by promoting high-quality instruction.
  • Danielle Garegnani is a Principal at Horton Elementary School in San Diego Unified School District. Prior to joining Horton, Garegnani provided professional development and coaching for teachers and helped support the implementation of a schoolwide dual immersion Spanish-English language program.
  • Pamela Spycher is a Senior Researcher for REL West at WestEd. In her role at WestEd, she serves as the Project Director for Leading with Learning, a U.S. Department of Education grant focused on the implementation of the California English Language Arts/English Language Development (ELD) Framework and ELD Standards.

Webinar Materials

Webinar Presenter(s):

Thea Fabian Teacher, Fresno Unified School District (CA)
Photo of Danielle Garegnani Danielle Garegnani Principal, San Diego Unified School District