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Learning and Teaching Geometry: Video Cases for Mathematics Professional Development, Grades 6–12

By Nanette Seago, Jennifer Jacobs, Mark Driscoll, Patrick Callahan, Michael Matassa, Johannah Nikula

Learning and Teaching Geometry: Video Cases for Mathematics Professional Development, Grades 6–12


In this robust set of multimedia resources, facilitators will find everything they need to lead a series of professional development sessions on teaching mathematical similarity based on geometric transformations.

In 10 three-hour sessions, participants in the professional development:

  • Explore mathematics content
  • View, analyze, and discuss video clips of real classrooms
  • Compare and contrast issues across video cases
  • Make connections to their own instructional practice

The materials feature videos from unstaged classrooms that offer a window into specific and increasingly complex mathematical concepts, student thinking, and pedagogical moves.

Aligned with the most current standards, including the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, the materials engage teachers in learning about similarity, congruence, and transformations and how to teach these key topics.

Learning and Teaching Geometry includes:

  • A Facilitator Guide published in print and as an eBook (PDF)
  • 10 three-hour sessions (30 hours total of professional learning)
  • 27 video clips
  • Agendas with detailed notes and mathematical commentary, PowerPoint presentations, embedded assessments, handouts, GeoGebra applets, and more

View these informational videos.


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Product Information

ISBN: 978-1-938287-11-4
Copyright: 2017
Format: Multimedia
Pages: 70
Publisher: WestEd

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Praise for this Resource

  • “The Learning and Teaching Geometry professional development materials are beautifully constructed, easy to access, visually appealing, and provide great supports for facilitators. Importantly, these materials use authentic instructional contexts to support the development of mathematical knowledge for teaching in a focused content area. For teachers, watching video that showcases real lessons — involving real teachers and real students — is both enlightening and empowering.”

    From the Foreword by Judith Mumme, author of Learning to Lead Mathematics Professional Development and former Director of the Researching Mathematics Leader Learning Project