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Cover for Khan Academy in 7th Grade Math Classes: A Case Study

Khan Academy in 7th Grade Math Classes: A Case Study

This report describes how Khan Academy is used in real time by 7th grade mathematics students in classroom settings, and it presents recommendations for further study.

Rural STEM Education: Promising Strategies from Several California Counties

This brief provides information on rural education concerns that are found across the state of California and presents examples of rural California counties' strategies for supporting math and ...

Sound Basic Education for All: An Action Plan for North Carolina

This action plan provides recommendations for the state of North Carolina's efforts to improve its education system to benefit all learners.

English Language Learners

Quality Education for ELLs/MLLS

Quality Education for ELLs/ MLLs: Why We Need It and How We Can Achieve It

This brief provides a rationale for educators to rethink and reinvent quality education for English language and multilingual learners.
Strategies to Identify and Support English Learners with Learning Disabilities: Review of Research and Resources

Resources and Strategies for Identifying and Supporting English Learners with Learning Disabilities

This updated research brief provides strategies and resources designed to help educators identify English learner students with learning disabilities and determine the best academic supports for them.
Scaffolding Writing through the Teaching and Learning Cycle

Scaffolding Writing Through the "Teaching and Learning Cycle"

Help your students become effective writers through scaffolding and the Teaching and Learning Cycle.