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Archived Webinar

Raising All Boats: High-Performing Districts in California

Recorded on December 04, 2012

This engaging webinar explores the strategies and practices that define districtwide high-performance.

Education professionals participating in this webinar also delve into the successes achieved in “Raising All Boats” (the various schools and student subgroups) in two California districts spanning different regions and demographics: Coast Unified in San Louis Obispo County and the Redondo Beach Unified School District in Los Angeles County.

High-Performing Districts: Key Strategies

  • Clear instructional vision
  • Support for struggling students
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration

High-Performing Districts: Best Practices

  • Develop teacher buy-in, “train-the trainer model”
  • Capitalize on strengths, address student underperformers and staff that is unable or unwilling to embrace changes
  • Move from “what’s in it for me?” confrontation to find a collaborative common ground and focus on what needs to be done
  • No “one size fits all” approach, but tailored to local needs

Webinar Presenter(s):

Mette Huberman Mette Huberman
Chris Adams Chris Adams
Annette Alpern Annette V. Alpern

Materials from the Webinar