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Archived Webinar

Four Pillars for Sustaining Rural Cross-Sector Data-Driven Decisionmaking (Presentation and Virtual Panel Discussion)

Recorded on May 14, 2020

This 2-part archived webinar (see both recordings below) will enhance the knowledge and skills of rural and rural-serving career pathway partnerships around data sharing and data use. Grounded in research and based on the experiences of three rural and rural-serving consortia, participants will gain practical knowledge, skills, and capacity for collecting, sharing, and using cross-sector data to sustain activities in their own regional career pathways.

Who Will Benefit

Leaders from California Rural Partnerships Alliance consortia, former California Career Pathways Trust grantees from rural or rural-serving consortia, and others responsible for using data to inform and improve regional career pathways.

What You Will Learn

Presenters discussed:

  • Frameworks that guide data-driven decision making and related tools to guide cross-sector pathways teams as they develop and maintain data-use capacity;
  • Strategies and tools used in rural regional partnerships for sustaining cross-sector data infrastructure, technical expertise, and data-driven processes and culture; and
  • The developmental stages of cross-sector data work used to secure and sustain investment in rural cross-sector pathways.

Additionally, learn about the impact of COVID-19 on regional data ecosystems and cross-sector collaboration.

Part 1: Four Pillars for Sustaining Rural Cross-Sector Data-Driven Decisionmaking


Part 2: Virtual Panel: Applying the Four Pillars of Cross-Sector Data Work to Build Sustainable Career Pathways and Secure Ongoing Funding

Webinar Presenter(s):