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Archived Webinar

Supporting Secondary English Learners in the Social Studies Classroom in a Distance Learning Environment

Recorded on June 08, 2020

This archived webinar was sponsored by the Region 15 Comprehensive Center at WestEd, in collaboration with the California Teachers Association and the California Department of Education

Structuring opportunities for students to participate in quality and sustained interactions, where they engage in rigorous back-and-forth discussions about a historical topic in a virtual environment, can present some challenges. One approach to help teachers make lessons more accessible to English Learners is integrating the use of carefully selected multimodal texts such as historical maps, photographs, and video into the design of lessons.

This archived webinar helps deepen teachers’ understanding of the development of oral language for English Learners and provides some strategies that can be applied to distance learning environments.

The following topics were addressed in this session:

  • Introduction to oral language development and its importance for English Learners.
  • How to enable oral language development in a distance learning environment?
  • What resources support quality interactions for English Learners?
  • Using multimodal texts to invite interactions.

This is the eighth of a 13-part webinar series designed to support English Learners in distance learning settings.

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Webinar Presenter(s):

Veronica Aguila Director, English Learners Support Division, California Department of Education
Norma Sanchez Manager of Instruction and Professional Development, California Teachers Association
Brenda Nievas Middle School Teacher, Perris Union High School District

Materials from the Webinar