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To Create Safe and Healthy Schools During a Pandemic, Prioritize Educator Wellbeing

By Andrea Browning, Natalie Romer


Educators support complex social and emotional needs of students, often under stressful and demanding conditions. The current COVID-19 pandemic in particular, by closing schools almost overnight, left educators to support students and families under unprecedented conditions of virtual instruction during a global health crisis and staggering rates of unemployment. Educator wellbeing has always been at the core of building a healthy learning community. That is truer now than ever, given all the uncertainty about routines and structures for school year 2020–21.

By supporting educators and students to care about each other and for themselves, using a wide range of strategies associated with social and emotional learning, school mental health, school climate, and other similar initiatives, schools have the opportunity to promote the collective wellness of their school community — even if “school” might be happening remotely or in new hybrid formats. This community of care begins with educators.



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