Today, the California Health & Human Services Agency released the California Master Plan for Early Learning and Care, advancing Governor Gavin Newsom’s call to build a California for All by year 2030.

WestEd is honored to lead the research team that is helping the state achieve its mission. WestEd contributions to the plan, along with those from a diverse group of stakeholders, build upon decades of progress made by researchers, advocates, practitioners, and policymakers to help create a system that serves the varied needs of all families and children.

The Master Plan helps California provide immediate relief to families, children, and early learning and care providers in the wake of COVID-19, while offering a research-based roadmap for building a system over the next decade.

The Master Plan illustrates how California can:

  • Improve the outcomes of infants and toddlers by providing comprehensive early learning and care
  • Ensure that all families can easily find and access a variety of high-quality early learning and care choices that fit the needs of their children, their financial resources, and schedules
  • Promote school readiness through universal preschool for all three-year-old children experiencing poverty and all four-year-old children
  • Advance better outcomes for all children by growing the quality, size, and stability of the early learning and care workforce through improved and accessible career pathways, competency-based professional development supports, and greater funding

“It is a significant honor that WestEd is a key part of the research team that is helping California achieve its mission to create a California For All Kids,” says WestEd CEO Glen Harvey. “The Master Plan delivers a clear, attainable roadmap for ensuring equity is the focal point of a transformational early learning and care system.”

Read California Governor Gavin Newsom’s official release here.

Visit to learn more about the California Master Plan for Early Learning and Care.