In our work at WestEd, we support educators who are working to improve outcomes for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. Our technical assistance, professional development, and resources are designed to help states, districts, and schools ensure students have necessary supports and equitable opportunities. Explore a selection of our resources and guidance below.

Using Research for Targeted Dropout Interventions

Research indicates that students with disabilities complete high school at lower rates than their classmates. To begin building the knowledge needed to target interventions more effectively, REL West researchers Vanessa X. Barrat and BethAnn Berliner led an effort to disaggregate key outcome data on students with disabilities. Their research highlights important variations and patterns that educators can use to inform policy and practice.

Find out how Utah works to ensure students with disabilities have equitable opportunities to earn a diploma.

English Learners Who May Have Learning Disabilities: Translating Research Into Policy

Identifying the nature of learning challenges is vital to ensuring that the nation’s growing population of English learners receive the supports they need to succeed in school. However, current systems do not always identify learning disabilities among English learners correctly.

REL West researchers examine this topic in a comprehensive report, Identifying and Supporting English Learner Students with Learning Disabilities: Key Issues in the Literature and State Practice, and an accompanying brief.

A recent R&D article explains why awareness, support, and communication are critical to successful identification.

Webinar: Building Capacity for Improving Instructional Practice for English Learners with Disabilities

Improving outcomes for English learner students with disabilities requires research-based instructional strategies to tailor academic instruction for dually-identified students.

Watch this webinar to hear how the state of Georgia is building statewide teacher capacity in this area, and how one Georgia district is working to infuse effective instruction through its schools.

Webinar: Improving Teaching and Learning for Students with Disabilities

Every school improvement plan must address the needs of students with disabilities. Led by WestEd’s Matt Navo and Aldo Ramirez of the San Bernardino City Unified School District, this webinar explores how administrators can do that using the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement, a framework that organizes the issues state, district, and school leaders should consider when planning for a successful and sustainable turnaround. Watch it here.

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