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Jodi Davenport

As Director of Learning and Technology for the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics program at WestEd, Jodi Davenport leads large-scale grants focused on transforming science and math instruction and assessment to improve student learning.

As Principal Investigator (PI) of the Institute of Education Sciences (IES)-funded ChemVLab+ project (, Davenport works with David Yaron, a chemist at Carnegie Mellon University, to create online virtual chemistry lab activities that use authentic problem solving, intelligent tutoring, and formative assessment.

As PI on two “In Touch With Molecules” projects (funded by IES and the National Science Foundation), Davenport works with Arthur Olson, a molecular biologist at the Scripps Research Institute, to explore how cutting-edge technology, including augmented reality and tangible interfaces, can fundamentally improve teaching and learning in biology.

Davenport also serves as the Director for the IES-funded National Center on Cognition and Mathematics Instruction. The center aims to redesign an existing mathematics curriculum using cognitive research-based principles and carryout large-scale efficacy studies of redesigned materials.

Prior to joining WestEd, Davenport was a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University at the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center. She also served as a program presenter at the Museum of Science in Boston.

Davenport has published in the areas of education, learning science, and cognitive psychology. Her work in visual cognition has been cited over 100 times and has appeared in multiple introductory cognitive psychology textbooks. She was invited to serve as Co-Chair of the 2018 IES Principal Investigators meeting.

Davenport received a BS in cognitive science from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a PhD in cognitive science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.