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Archived Webinar

Teaching Mathematics Through Student Worked Examples

Recorded on November 01, 2016

Instead of having students practice solving problems, using worked examples involves having students explain the steps of problems that have already been solved. This strategy reduces working memory load so learners can focus on understanding the meaning behind steps in problem solving.

Students can process the information more deeply when they are not just routinely applying procedures. Using worked examples in algebra instruction has shown promise for improving students’ mathematical abilities, especially among struggling students.

This webinar, produced by REL West and the National Research & Development Center on Cognition and Mathematics Instruction (Math Center), is designed to help educators incorporate student worked examples into their algebra instruction.

Who Will Benefit

  • Educators who teach algebra to students in grades 4-12
  • Curriculum coaches
  • Content specialists
  • Math teacher leaders
  • Teacher educators
  • Others who work with students or teachers in mathematics instruction

What You Will Learn

  • What worked examples are and the research that supports their use
  • Specific uses for worked examples in mathematics instruction
  • The process for incorporating student worked examples into curriculum plans

Webinar Presenter(s):

Julie Booth Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Applied Developmental Science, Temple University

Materials from the Webinar