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Archived Webinar

Academic Achievement through Student Agency: A Dallas ISD Journey

Recorded on March 25, 2020

In 2017, Dallas Independent School District’s (ISD) Ben Milam Elementary school began slowly, but radically, to change business as usual at their school. To promote agency, equity, and academic achievement for all students, they implemented formative assessment as the foundational principle of teaching and learning. Starting with a handful of teachers, then spreading to nearly all, they rethought how to meet the needs of their diverse student population, ranging from middle-class suburban kids to those living in a downtown Dallas homeless shelter.

The questions they asked themselves to inform their work were, How can all students be both learners and leaders at our school? How can students better support and learn from one another? In working towards these agency and equity goals through the daily practice of formative assessment, the school is promoting learning and academic achievement advances for its students.

View this archived webinar to hear their remarkable story.


  • Nancy Gerzon, Project Director, WestEd
  • Anna Galvan, Principal, Ben Milam Elementary School, Dallas Independent School District
  • Gina Maffucci, Instructional Coach, Dallas Independent School District
  • Kierstan Barbee, Assessment for Learning Coordinator, Dallas Independent School District

Webinar Presenter(s):

Anna Galvan Ben Milam Elementary School, Dallas Independent School District
Gina Maffucci Dallas Independent School District
Kierstan Barbee Dallas Independent School District

Materials from the Webinar