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School Quality Assessment: Where Are You on the Pathway to Success? A Toolkit for School Leaders

By Laura Groth, Aimee Evan, Hannah Sullivan


This resource produced by the National Charter School Resource Center describes a data-driven school improvement process using reflective and diagnostic questions to help administrators identify where they are in their journey to achieve success – including but not limited to providing a high-quality education – and if relevant, whether they are ready to replicate or expand their program to serve additional students. The tools in this resource will help you expand beyond questions of student achievement and provide your team with a holistic approach to articulating what success looks like for your school and your plans for achieving it.

Some schools may complete this activity and find that they are on track to achieving or sustaining their organizational definition of success. From there, some schools may decide that they have the capacity and are motivated to extend their high-quality program to serve more students. Some schools may identify areas in need of improvement and can use the Action Planning Templates to set goals to increase their school’s capacity and make changes to achieve and sustain success.


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Copyright: 2020
Format: PDF
Pages: 20
Publisher: Manhattan Strategy Group.