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Getting Better at Getting More Equitable: Addressing Racial Inequities in Education Using Equity-Driven Continuous Improvement

By Alicia Bowman, Amber Valdez, Kelsey Krausen, Corey Donahue


With growing recognition of race-based disparities in education, stakeholders are increasingly interested in investigating the conditions that have contributed to inequitable opportunities and outcomes for students of color since the beginning of the U.S. education system, and in identifying opportunities to transform these conditions.

Informed by research, by WestEd staff expertise on equity and improvement, and by feedback from participating County Office of Education leaders, this paper summarizes the ways in which a select group of COE leaders are developing continuous improvement practices to address racial inequities — both internally and in the school districts they support — and provides details on the specific organizational conditions and individual capacities that need to be in place to carry out this work.

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