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Getting Better at Getting More Equitable: Opportunities and Barriers for Using Continuous Improvement to Advance Educational Equity

By Amber Valdez, Sola Takahashi, Kelsey Krausen, Alicia Bowman, Edith Gurrola


In California and across the United States, the K–12 education system continues to perpetuate disparities in learning experiences and outcomes for students, based on race/ethnicity, language, income, and ability, to name a few.

This study examines how education leaders think about and use continuous improvement to address equity issues.

Key finding: Our interviews suggest that although many leaders understand the great value and potential of continuous improvement, few educational organizations have embraced the concept as an important strategy for creating equity.

Education leaders warned against the idea that current continuous improvement methodologies are enough on their own to reduce disparities in student outcomes. Rather, educators emphasized the need for equity to be a more intentional and integrated aspect of a continuous improvement approach.

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