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It’s About TIME: A Rigorous New Process for Selecting Instructional Materials for Science

By Katherine Nilsen, Burr Tyler, Elizabeth Arnett, Ted Britton, Denise Estrella, Kim Luttgen, Patrick Moyle, Robin Montoya


The California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS) Toolkit for Instructional Materials Evaluation (TIME) is a suite of tools and processes for evaluating and selecting instructional materials aligned with the CA NGSS. This report provides an overview of the full TIME process, participants’ perceptions of TIME, a detailed description of statewide TIME trainings, challenges to implementing the TIME process, and recommendations for adoption committees supporting districts’ NGSS implementation.

CA NGSS TIME takes adoption committees through a comprehensive, six-step, evidence-based process for evaluating how well instructional materials:

  • Align to the NGSS
  • Provide desired student learning experiences
  • Provide useful teacher supports and resources
  • Correspond to district needs and priorities

To kick off statewide implementation of TIME in California, a series of TIME trainings were held in 2018–19. The primary purpose of the trainings was to model the most time-intensive and comprehensive step of the TIME process, the Paper Screen. TIME training attendees and facilitators cited several benefits of the approach, including that TIME:

  • Is useful for district materials adoption
  • Deepens participants’ understanding of the NGSS
  • Improves participants’ ability to recognize features of high-quality instructional materials

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