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Making Middle School Science Whole: Transitioning to an Integrated Approach to Science Instruction

By Ashley Iveland, Ted Britton, Burr Tyler, Katherine Nilsen, Kimberly Nguyen


NGSS Early Implementers is a four-year initiative created to help eight California school districts and two charter management organizations, supported by WestEd’s K–12 Alliance, implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The Initiative focuses on NGSS implementation in grades K–8 and incorporates the integrated course model (preferred by the California State Board of Education) for middle school. This evaluation report discusses the integration of science disciplines in grades 6-8, including the benefits and challenges of the California preferred integrated model for science instruction.

Intended for school, state, and district leaders, the report addresses the following:

  • Where the districts are in their transition to the integrated model of science instruction
  • What integrated instruction looks like in the classroom
  • How the Initiative has supported teachers in implementing integrated science
  • Planning considerations for districts implementing the integrated model

Finally, recommendations are provided for administrator support of teachers who are shifting to science instruction that integrates the science disciplines.


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