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Professional Development

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Maximize your leadership potential. WestEd delivers engaging training to develop effective and valued school and district leadership teams through training, reflection, analysis, and action planning designed to dramatically improve student learning and achievement.

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What You Will Learn

Effective leadership is central to sustainable school and district improvement. WestEd engages education leaders — both individually and as members of school or district leadership teams — in the design and implementation of effective change processes aimed at strengthening the culture and capacity of their institutions to improve student outcomes.

Participants receive training and coaching grounded in the national Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement (PDF).

Leaders will receive training and coaching in how to:

  • Develop a systematic approach to school improvement in which research- and evidence-based strategies are identified and implemented
  • Engage stakeholders (leaders, teachers, parents, media, and community) in collaborative strategic and systemic school improvement planning
  • Engage in a data-driven cycle of continuous improvement for monitoring short- and long-term goals
  • Build capacity for school improvement through Distributed Leadership Models
  • Establish school improvement/turnaround policies and procedures for identifying, selecting, retaining, and sustaining competent and committed personnel
  • Implement systemwide support of standards-based instructional practice grounded in  research-based pedagogical approaches
  • Prioritize and align people, time, and resources to drive instructional improvement

Who Will Benefit

  • School Administrators (e.g., principals, assistant principals, school leader interns)
  • District Administrators (including principal supervisors)
  • Directors of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • District and Site Instructional Leaders and Coaches
  • Teacher Leaders

Service Details

We provide a variety of Transformational Leadership Coaching formats:

  • Cross-district leadership development Coaching Institutes
  • Ongoing on-site principal coaching and mentoring
  • Virtual interim coaching sessions
  • Online surveys for assessing school and district improvement strengths and needs

Our services take place at school district offices, at the school site, or online. Dates and timing are agreed upon with the district or school.

What’s Included

We provide ongoing opportunities to engage with experts in Transformational Leadership Coaching to hone your skills — and the skills of your team — to become more effective at creating and implementing student-centered improvement plans. Services include recommended district and school staff surveys from which school and district improvement leadership goals and services are collaboratively identified and prioritized into action plans according to local problems of practice.


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For more information about the Transformational Leadership Coaching service, please contact us: Sofia Aburto at 209.839.7255 or