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Become an effective and valued leader who can engage your colleagues in training, reflection, analysis, and action planning to improve student learning and achievement.

WestEd has been an integral part of our school reform process. Through their leadership and coaching, we have improved all aspects of our instructional program. Any school district that is serious about improving outcomes for students, teachers, and administrators should consider working with the professionals from WestEd.”

— Jeffrey J. Smith, Superintendent, Balsz School District, Phoenix, AZ

Who Will Benefit

  • School-Level Administrators and Instructional Leaders
  • District Administrators
  • Directors of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • District-Level Instructional Leaders
  • District and Site Instructional Coaches
  • Teacher Leaders

What You Will Learn

Effective leadership is central to sustainable school and district improvement. WestEd engages education leaders — both individually and as members of school or district leadership teams — in the design and implementation of effective change processes aimed at strengthening the culture and capacity of their institutions to improve student outcomes.

Participants receive training and coaching in:

  • Acknowledging the unique challenges of leading school improvement
  • Identifying leader competencies and actions that support equity and high achievement
  • Understanding the importance of professional standards and competencies in leader selection and development
  • Analyzing school leader behaviors to identify evidence of competencies
  • Building capacity for school improvement through Distributed Leadership Models
  • Increasing leader and other stakeholders’ focus on results
  • Understanding and improving systems that affect student culture and outcomes
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of instructional and operational systems
  • Analyzing root causes of problems of practice and development of improvement plans

Service Details

We provide a variety of formats for engaging in Leadership Coaching support, including:

  • Initial trainings and Leadership Coaching Institutes
  • Ongoing planning meetings
  • Onsite activities and sessions
  • Virtual coaching

Dates and timing are agreed upon with the district or school.

The service takes place at district offices, at the school site, or online.

What’s Included

We provide ongoing opportunities to engage with experts in transformational leadership coaching to hone your skills — and the skills of your team — to become more effective at creating and implementing student-centered improvement plans.


For information on pricing, please contact Annette Gregg at

LEARN MORE > For more information about the Transformational Leadership Coaching service, please contact us: Sofia Aburto at 510.302.4210 or, if you are located west of the Mississippi River. Julie Colton at 781.481.1135 or, if you are located east of the Mississippi River.