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Lori Van Houten

Lori J. Van Houten is part of WestEd’s Research-Practice Partnerships team and serves as the Director of Analytic Support for the Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West). Van Houten collaborates with REL West staff to provide analytic and technical support aimed at effective use of data and research findings to shape policy and practice at the state, district, and school levels. Van Houten has helped produce videos, infographics, toolkits, guides, and family and caregiver activities to help bring research to practice.

In her first 10 years at WestEd, Van Houten worked with the Comprehensive School Assistance Program supporting schools and districts in creating sustainable, systemic change that closed opportunity gaps and resulted in improved student outcomes.

Van Houten also provided technical assistance to schools and groups of educators in data-driven decision-making. Her expertise in this area led to her coauthoring Developing an Effective School Plan: An Activity-Based Guide to Understanding Your School and Improving Student Outcomes.

Previously, Van Houten worked for over 25 years as a consultant, teacher, district administrator, and researcher focusing on schools and organizations serving students at risk of academic failure.

She received a BA in deaf education and elementary education from Michigan State University and an MA and PhD in linguistics from Brown University.