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The Four Domains: WestEd Services for Focusing and Supporting Rapid School Improvement

Engage educators, strengthen school improvement, and ensure rapid and sustainable growth using the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement.

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What You Will Learn

Lead rapid and significant school improvement with high-quality services from our experts.

You will learn how to:

  • Engage school improvement teams in systems thinking
  • Promote growth mindsets in your school or district
  • Use data to perform ongoing needs assessment and progress monitoring
  • Support evidence-based, standards-aligned instruction
  • Deliver targeted coaching, mentoring, and training
  • Engage parents and communities
  • Keep your students at the center of improvement efforts

Who Will Benefit

  • School Leaders
  • District Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • School Stakeholders
  • Students

Four Domains of Rapid School Improvement Service Details

This service includes domain-specific support for all your schools and districts. Our work together begins by helping you identify your evolving needs. WestEd offers a research-based needs assessment that encompasses the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement (see below) to strengthen your understanding of core challenges and their root causes – and align improvement strategies for lasting impact. We help you:

  • Analyze your current condition
  • Determine areas of focus
  • Implement/collect evidence
  • Analyze impact/determine next steps

The Four Domains

After collaborating to identify needs, we can deliver domain-specific support aligned to the essential practices listed below.

Turnaround Leadership

We help you:

  • Communicate the need for urgent school improvement
  • Develop and monitor short- and long-term goals
  • Create a shared vision of success; catalyze and organize a coordinated effort for improvement

Talent Development

We help you:

  • Recruit, develop, retain, and sustain talent
  • Target professional development opportunities
  • Set clear performance expectations

Instructional Transformation

We help you:

  • Integrate principles of accountability, differentiated instruction, and formative assessment
  • Provide evidence-based, standards-aligned instruction
  • Promote success for all students, including English language learners and students with disabilities

Culture Shift

We help you:

  • Build a culture focused on student learning
  • Solicit and act upon stakeholder input
  • Engage students and families in pursuing goals

What Makes WestEd Four Domains Services Unique

Our experts have a deep understanding of the challenges that schools face. As home to the Center on School Turnaround – creators of the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement — WestEd brings firsthand understanding of the challenges your schools and districts face.

The depth, diversity, and legacy of our school improvement work is strengthened by extensive, research-based knowledge to help all learners — infants to adults — succeed in school and beyond.

We customize our services to meet your needs and offer a range of formats and options:

  • Initial data-gathering sessions
  • Stakeholder face-to-face meetings
  • One-to-one coaching for school leaders
  • Job-embedded professional development for teachers
  • Virtual professional learning and coaching


For information on pricing, please contact Terry Hofer at 585.503.3862 or

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