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Archived Webinars

A Close Encounter, Through the Writers' Eyes, of the New ELA/ELD Framework

Webinar Presenters: Pamela Spycher, Nancy Brynelson, Hallie Yopp Slowik

A Curriculum-First Approach to Technology and the Web

Webinar Presenters: Michael Casey

Academic Achievement through Student Agency: A Dallas ISD Journey

Webinar Presenters: Nancy Gerzon, Anna Galvan, Gina Maffucci, Kierstan Barbee

After School Alignment With the Core Instructional Day in Support of STEM Learning

Webinar Presenters: Kelly Stuart, Milton Chen, Joan Bissell, Jeff Davis, Maryann Stimmer, Martin Smith, Traci Wierman, Soo Venkatesan, Maria Anaya, Merle Froschl

Algebra Intervention: Not Business as Usual

Webinar Presenters: Mardi Gale

All Students Who Live in the United States Have a Right to Public Education

Webinar Presenters: Alejandra Rincón, Rose Owens-West

Alternative Educational Programs for English Learners

Webinar Presenters: Fred Genesee, Kathryn Lindholm-Leary

An Introduction to Reading and Writing, Common Core Style

Webinar Presenters: Robert Rosenfeld, Elizabeth Jameyson

Assessing District Readiness for Turnaround

Webinar Presenters: William Robinson, Will Rumbaugh

Assessment Literacy

Webinar Presenters: Gina Koency, Kathy Caric

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